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Annual Physical Specialist

Jaime E. Bernal, MD -  - Pediatrics

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Jaime E. Bernal, MD

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As an experienced and knowledgeable pediatrician, Jaime E. Bernal, MD, prioritizes your child’s health and offers annual physical exams to ensure they are healthy and happy. At Bernal Pediatric Clinic in McAllen, Texas, Dr. Bernal and his caring staff provide comprehensive health evaluations and preventive screenings to help your child thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn more about the benefits of an annual physical exam today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

Annual Physical

Why does my child need an annual physical?

Annual physicals are an important part of a child’s preventive health care. Yearly visits allow Dr. Bernal the opportunity to evaluate your child’s overall health, even when they aren’t sick.

If your child has underlying health issues, an annual physical is often the best method for identifying them early, so treatment can be more effective. Early detection of an illness or disorder can also prevent more serious health complications down the line.

In addition to being vital for preventive health care, annual physicals are often the requirement of schools and other organizations to ensure your child is in optimal physical condition.

What’s involved in an annual physical?

Your child begins routine wellness checks soon after birth. During the first year of life, they see Dr. Bernal several times to ensure they are growing and developing properly.

From age 2 through young adulthood, Dr. Bernal schedules yearly visits to evaluate your child’s overall health. He reviews their medical history and performs a physical exam, checking for abnormalities of the:

  • Skin
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Major organs

During the physical exam, Dr. Bernal evaluates your child’s hearing, vision, and communication skills in an age-appropriate manner. He assesses your child’s physical strength, behaviors, nutrition, and other factors that influence their health and well-being. He also ensures your child is up-to-date on necessary vaccinations.

An annual physical is also a great time to ask questions or address concerns about your child’s health and development.

What if my child has an existing health condition?

If your child has an existing health condition, like allergies or asthma, Dr. Bernal will likely schedule more frequent visits to monitor any treatment your child is receiving. He still recommends yearly physicals to track your child’s growth and development.

When your child has a family history of certain conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, Dr. Bernal can perform health screenings during the annual physical to identify any signs of a disease or disorder as early as possible.

If your child needs an annual physical, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bernal today using the online booking system or by calling the office.