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Newborn Care Specialist

Jaime E. Bernal, MD -  - Pediatrics

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Jaime E. Bernal, MD

Pediatrics located in McAllen, TX

Now that your new baby is here, you can rely on the pediatric expertise Jaime E. Bernal, MD, provides to new parents at Bernal Pediatric Clinic in McAllen, Texas. Focusing on the needs of both new parents and babies, Dr. Bernal offers comprehensive services to ensure good nutrition, hygiene, and health. He offers resources to promote a healthy body and successful breastfeeding, meanwhile monitoring the growth and development of your baby. Learn more about the pediatric services available for newborn care today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

Newborn Care

What can I expect during my first visit with a newborn?

During your initial visit, Dr. Bernal reviews your pregnancy history and delivery information to determine if there are any issues that may affect your baby’s growth and development. He can discuss any concerns or questions you have about caring for your newborn.

To assess and track your baby’s growth and development, Dr. Bernal performs a physical exam, noting a variety of things that influence your baby’s health, such as:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Skin health
  • Temperature
  • Heart and lung functionality

Dr. Bernal also tests your baby’s strength and flexibility and checks for abnormalities in their internal structures by feeling their abdomen. He evaluates the umbilical cord, and if your baby had a circumcision, Dr. Bernal can also assess how well it is healing.

Will my newborn need shots?

Because a newborn’s immune system is still developing, they are at increased risk for contagious disease. For this reason, several vaccinations are recommended soon after birth.

Dr. Bernal can assess your child’s overall health and create a vaccination schedule to protect your baby from contagious conditions, like whooping cough, polio, and chicken pox.

In the event your child can’t tolerate certain vaccinations due to allergies or other health issues, Dr. Bernal can work with you on a plan to reduce their exposure and risk for certain diseases.

What should I do if my newborn is sick?

Both first-time and experienced parents understandably have a lot of questions about their baby’s health, especially in the earliest days. Dr. Bernal makes himself available for sick visit appointments or general questions to ensure your baby is thriving.

It’s important that you contact the office if your newborn has new symptoms or behavior changes, so Dr. Bernal can assess their health. You should schedule a sick visit as soon as possible for issues like:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Persistent crying

If your baby struggles to breastfeed or take a bottle, schedule and appointment to prevent dehydration and malnutrition. Dr. Bernal listens to your concerns and evaluates your baby’s health during a sick visit. He customizes a treatment plan to quickly relieve pain and other symptoms and to prevent additional medical complications.

If you’re unsure about your newborn’s health, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Bernal with your questions. You can also schedule a sick visit conveniently online.